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Hello, my name is Tanya! I’m a User researcher & Experience designer with a background in Visual Communication design. Based in Vancouver, born in India.


My identity as a designer is formed by curiosity, empathizing with people, embracing complexity, and advocating for meaningful change in society. I am particularly interested in understanding food, culture, and its influence on people.

When I turned 18, I distinctly remember going on a pilgrimage to a small village in India. 


I remember staying back in that village for an entire year where I didn’t speak the language to come up with a symbolic language for the women in that village. These women were looked down upon, treated as outcasts & had been abandoned by their families because they were widows.


My efforts were translated into the Member of Parliament making the language I designed the official language for the widows of the village.

And.. That’s when I knew, I was programmed to problem solve & use design as a tool to tackle social issues. I used my learnings from this experience to enhance inclusivity in design.

In my free time you can find me running my small business, exploring more of my creative side, trying to rescue my plants, and of course, obsessing over beautiful typography!


I'm fluent in English, Hindi & Emojis —  Come say hi in whichever suits you! You can reach me on 👋🏽



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